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Our Story
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Adimo was founded to provide brands with a frictionless online equivalent to in-store impulse purchases. Our seamless integrations not only make marketing shoppable, but truly measurable as a source of revenue.

Founded in 2012 from a back bedroom in Glasgow, we’ve grown into a global business with bases in Glasgow, London, South Africa and Dubai.

What started out as a simple ‘Buy Now’ integration for websites, now extends far beyond traditional digital marketing channels with innovations like shoppable voice technology and shoppable packaging.

Our best in-class solutions and analytics platform allows brands to optimise their campaigns both on and offline, and actually see a tangible return on their marketing efforts via sophisticated attribution.

Our technology is used in over 70 markets across 6 continents, and connects over 5Bn shoppers with over 900 retailers worldwide. We’re proud to be working with global partners including Coca-Cola, SC Johnson, GSK, Nestlé and Quorn.

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