Shoppable Voice

Our shoppable solutions aren’t just limited to digital marketing channels, we’re constantly innovating to make sure customers can buy your products from anywhere...simply by using their voice. 

In 2019, over 146 million smart speakers were sold worldwide. And in 2020, 43% of smart speaker owners were using them to shop for products - This trend is only expected to grow. Our shoppable voice technology gives customers the ability to browse and buy your products through their smart speaker or voice assistant, whilst maintaining that same level of choice. 

Shoppable Packaging

Shoppable packaging makes it easy for customers to replenish their kitchen cupboards and stock up on more of your products - without having to compete with others on the supermarket shelf. 

Our shoppable QR & RFID technology is easy to implement on any product packaging, and allows the user to repurchase with a simple tap of their smartphone. 

With all the same customer behaviour insights at your fingertips, shoppable packaging is a great way to track and measure ROI from sampling activity. 

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