The QR Code Revival

November 6, 2020

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Since the pandemic began eight months ago, businesses have had to find new and safer ways of paying and advertising, Adimo explores where QR codes have come from and whether they have a future in commerce...

It’s weird to think that this time last year we were still plodding along with our normal lives, not having to think about our distance between each other or whether we were covering our faces with a mask. No one could have comprehended how the following 12 months unravelled and as we fast forward to now for most of us, our lives are completely different. 

With fears of the public catching germs off of surfaces, governments and organisations have resorted to a familiar method of contact-free scanning. QR codes were first created back in 1994, it was designed to allow for fast decoding speeds, hence the name Quick Response code. Since their creation the codes became very popular due to the speed at which they could be scanned, the accuracy they provided, and their multiple functionalities. The pandemic has accelerated its popularity tenfold as brands look for a safe and convenient way for their consumers to replenish and buy their products. QR codes are also being used nationwide on track and trace systems, in restaurants and bars as a substitute for menus and in advertising campaigns to help build brand exposure.    

Codes in the Wild

A brand who have taken advantage of the convenience of scanning QR codes are Camden Brewery. The brewery from North London, like thousands of other businesses, were making a loss towards the start of the pandemic. 85% of its income comes from selling beer to pubs across the UK. But Camden refused to let it get to them, first of all, they rebranded their most famous lager Camden Hells to Camden Hero’s. Donating funds made to health charities and the NHS. Then they set up a TV advertising campaign during football’s 2020 Champions League Final. The campaign (‘Give ‘Em Hells’) offered viewers the chance to . win some 45,000 cans of free beer by scanning the QR code on TV using a phone. Not only was the campaign a hit with viewers, but the brand exposure from the ad was massive for the brewery. All 45,000 cans were won, which meant that there were 12,600 winners overall. 

The codes are also starting to make their way into our weekly shop, connected packaging is having a moment of its own right now. Brands are quickly catching up to customers and realising the possibilities of everyday AR in supermarket aisles and corner shop shelves. Dairy brand Yeo Valley are taking their chances by rolling out connected packaging across all products. When the QR code on the packaging is scanned it gives the consumers access to a digital experience related to the brand. Just one QR code can unlock a host of information for the consumer. Moving beyond the aesthetic realm, packaging is taking on a more functional role. Yeo Valley hope that this will make for a more loyal customer base. 

Adimo's Answer

Here at Adimo, we are always thinking up innovative ways to make marketing shoppable, that’s why we have come up with shoppable packaging. Great for replenishment, we integrate QR code technology into the packaging of brands’ products, so that a simple scan can turn into a path to purchase. By acting on consumer’s impulse our shoppable packaging technology makes it easy for them to buy or add products to a basket from a retailer of their choice. 

Not only is this convenient for the consumer but the wealth of data that the brand can gather from our technology is unrivalled. Shoppable packaging data can help brands build consumer relationships whilst also driving brand loyalty. The detailed performance metrics could include - unique users, retailer selections and conversion tracking, allowing the brand to monitor every stage of the sales funnel. 

Will the Craze last? 

Now that the world has experienced the convenience and while the pandemic is still living amongst us, consumers will still be as cautious when it comes to hygiene. And with the second wave in full swing QR codes are sure to stay a big part of our lives. Brands now have come up with their own ways of using QR codes, by staying ahead of the curve and using Adimo shoppable packaging technology we believe that they can do that.  

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