Shoppable website integrations for a well known over the counter healthcare brand.

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The Brief

A well known over the counter healthcare brand were looking for a way to turn their hub of informative healthcare content, into a vehicle for browsers to discreetly buy the products they needed. The brand were keen to explore the role Adimo’s Buy Now & Add to Basket technology could play in closing the loop between marketing and sales.

Adimo's Solution

We integrated our Buy Now & Add to Basket technology natively across the brand’s website, with a specific focus on the product and ‘where to buy’ pages. The integrations allowed users to check retailer availability, compare prices and either purchase straight away or at a later date by adding the product to their chosen retailer shopping basket. User-friendly dashboards within Adimo analytics allowed the brand to dive into the performance data in real-time.


  • A seamless user & shopper experience
  • A frictionless path to purchase
  • Increased customer choice with multi-retailer selection
  • Invaluable shopper behaviour insights
  • Browsers effectively converted into shoppers



Return on Investment


Conversion Rate


Price Comparison Rate

Published On:

October 4, 2019

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